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Large 'E' Diamante Letter Cake Topper

Large 'E' Diamante Letter Cake Topper


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Diamante Rhinestone Large Letter Cake Toppers

Give your celebration cake that extra special touch with a stunning diamante letter on double pick

All letters of alphabet and & are available

Entire length of letter and silver wire pick 4.5cm, letter size 7cm high

Width of various letters: -

W = 9.5cm

T, Y = 8cm

A, D, V, X = 7.5cm

B, M, & = 7cm

C, E, K, N, O, Q, R, S, Z = 6.5cm.

C, H = 6cm

F, L, P = 5.5cm

J, U = 5cm

I = 2cm